5 Ways to Celebrate this Women's Day

We know fully well that 24 hours doesn't do justice to celebrate the true spirit of womanhood, but to make the most out of this special day, we've compiled a list of five amusing and productive things you can do to make this day even more special - after all, it's your day!

Top 5 Restaurants in Bengaluru to Dine In this Valentine's Day

We've all heard the saying, "food is the way to someone's heart", (or maybe stomach in this case). With Valentine's Day advancing rapidly upon us, VpayQwik shows you how to earn brownie points with your better half. Here are the top 5 Bengaluru restaurant recommendations to woo your Valentine.

Money Tips for the Millennial College Graduate money-tips-for-millennial-college-graduate

We are the Millennials, the so-called Gen-Y. The generation of people that are narcissistic and lazy but at the same time positive as well as idea-driven. As we enter our 20's and 30's, we practically dominate the workforce. We are the current movers and shakers of the 21st century.

How secure is a Digital Wallet on your smartphone?

The year is 2017 and our smartphones have replaced maps, health trackers, cameras, and yoga instructors. Well, the list actually goes on. It's safe to say that the Earth is round ( there's actually an App that shows a live video feed of the Earth from the International Space Station ) and that we are living in a digital age.

Budgeting 101 for the Millennials

In the simplest terms, a budget is an estimation of revenue and expenses over a certain period of time. But in a millennial's books, a budget is a friend who turns enemy number one as the calendar counts down to the end of the month. Admit it, we've all have had that "Damn, I wish college taught me how to budget rather than teaching me a concept that has no relevance in the 21st century" moment.

Digital wallets in India- a match made in heaven or hell?digital-wallets-in-india

"Indian digital payment system will be worth 500 billion dollars by 2020", read a headline. Top news channels were breaking news like it was the apocalypse. The shift to a cashless economy was given a major boost the day demonetisation kicked in. Now, almost a year later, India presents one of the largest opportunities for digital payments and digital wallet companies are licking their lips.

Five Things to Know Before You Download a Mobile Wallet Appbefore-you-download-a-mobile-wallet-app

Bye bye wallet In human history, money has evolved several times; from the barter system to coins, paper and now smartphones. Today several companies have revolutionized the way we shop and pay by replacing our wallets with smartphones.

Managing your Finances like a Superhero!

Be it Marvel or DC, who hasn't walked out of a theater after watching a superhero movie and not felt fiercely inspired? How many of us felt superhero movies are more interesting towards the climax even after the closing credits? No matter how cliched it gets, we are always filled with awe when superheroes rise to take action. These extraordinary gentlemen and women can teach us a thing or two about managing one's personal finances.


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How to accept Vpayqwik in your Store: Process & FAQs

Its extremely easy to accept Vpayqwik. There is zero setup fee, zero annual fee and no hardware involved. The best part is, you can go live instantly.

Your Vpayqwik ID & Password is not enough to access Vpayqwik Wallet Account

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